It’s About Time! (Is there a such thing as catching up with my own generation?)

Welcome to my new site!

It’s about time I have an internet presence that’s not-so-anonymous for once, but I’m not surprised. (Those who  know me know that I’m the type that has prided myself in not yet getting things such as a Myspace/Facebook/Twitter…it’s my own peace of mind, though I never say “never.”) I figured this would come around sooner or later. Of course, as a modern musician it’s almost inevitable to exist somewhere significant on the web if you want to get your name out there. Well, at least that’s what I’m told.

Therefore, I have created this website as an online portfolio of my work. I am challenging myself to not only maintain a website, but a blog as well in order to give people more insight on my musical aspirations, my writing process, and the many diverse things that I like.

Looking forward to the new journey!

What do you think?

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