Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: July 30, 2011

While surfing on the web, I came across some amazing pieces by Frank Zappa, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going through more of them soon. I ran across these after browsing a bit through Eric Whitacre‘s blog. Lately, I’ve been going through old links that I neglected from our blog at the U of R Composition Studio. Here are “Dog Breath Variations” and “G-Spot Tornado”–gotta love the orchestration!

On Eric Whitacre’s site, I first listened to his choral piece Water Music in attempts to become more familiar with his work. As I listened to it, I realized that the piece sounded somewhat familiar–more familiar than I expected–so I browsed through programs of concerts that I had been to at U of R, thinking that it would be the Madrigal Singers who would be most likely to have performed that piece. Just as I thought, Water Night was on the program that I had seen back in February of this year. I am glad to have ran across it again.  Below is a film set to this piece, and you can also listen to an orchestral arrangement of the piece here.

In case you’ve missed my last post, check out the band Kakande which I’ve recently found.

Have a great weekend!

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