Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: August 13, 2011

Here are the pieces that I recently heard on Q2:

  • Before Sleep and Dreams, by Aaron Jay Kernis, for piano.
  • Armenian Rhapsody No. 3, Alan Hovhaness, for orchestra.
  • Anthem of the Great Spirit: Peace Dance, by Terry Riley, for string quartet.
  • String Quartet No. 1, “White Man Sleeps,” by Kevin Volans, for string quartet. I am so tempted to get a hold of the score for this one.
  • John’s Book of Alleged Dances: Part II, by John Adams, for string quartet. Another music score must-see.

I also listened to the Q2 program called Cued Up to hear a past episode entitled “Primal Counterpoint,”  which features composers who experiment with rhythm. Click on the link for audio and more info about the episode. For your convenience, I’ve also listed the playlist below.

  1. Alloy, by Andy Akiho–I just realized that this will be performed May 8, 2012 at the Green Umbrella, for those who are interested. It will be a West Coast premiere.
  2. Son of Chamber Symphony: III, by John Adams
  3. Glitch, by Daniel Wohl
  4. Bad Blood, by Julian Day
  5. Veglia, by Filippo Perocco

(For more playlist info, go here and scroll down to the Cued Up show.)

I have to admit, I have a habit of “link chasing” on the web. Somehow, after reading an old article about ASCAP’s Adventurous Programming Awards given to orchestras who support new music, I ran across the American Composers Orchestra, which had won an award. I Googled the orchestra, went to their homepage, and found a CD that they recently released entitled Playing it UNsafe. It sounded pretty interesting, so I listened to samples on Amazon. I found a piece that really intrigues me, mainly because of it’s usage of color. It is Silicon/Carbon: an anti-Concerto-Grosso, by Dan Trueman. On his compositions page, you can find a link to the full score as well as the recording. I must say, I absolutely love the hardanger fiddle intro to the piece.

What do you think?

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