Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: August 27, 2011

This week, I revisited the webpage of the Wild Rumpus New Music Collective to learn a bit more about their members. I learned of them a while back when I ran across their call for scores. They have two composers devoted to their collective: Dan VanHassel and Jen Wang. I decided to Google them in hopes of finding their own websites and exploring the music that they’ve written.

Here are some pieces I liked from Dan VanHassel’s music page:

  • Lucid Innocuous, for violin, cello, piano and electric guitar
  • Frivolous Incinerate, for chamber ensemble

…and from Jen Wang’s page

  • This Empty and Luminous Room, for for flute, Bb clarinet, violin, and violoncello
  • Divergences, for string quartet. This would make a very interesting score study.

I had my usual picks from Q2 this week as well:

  • Everything Must Go, by Martin Bresnick, for saxophone quartet
  • Sing Along, Judd Greenstein, for chamber ensemble. (When I traced down the NOW Ensemble site to hear this piece again (I only heard it halfway through on the radio station), I discovered another beautiful piece by Greenstein entitled Folk Music. In their repertoire section, I also learned that Dr. Suter’s piece Electric Breakdown was composed for them as well–awesomeness!!!)

Sidenote: My apologies from the forsaken “Cool Stuff I’m Listening To” entry from last week. I hadn’t stated it before, but my goal is to post findings of new music in this series every Saturday.

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