Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: September 3, 2011

After reading the interview in this blog post, I found a piece by composer Keeril Makan written for prepared viola. It is called Mu; there is a video below. The part I find most intriguing is about halfway through, where the viola is turned into a percussion instrument. I’ve always thought that stringed instruments are great at percussive sounds–the larger the instrument, the better in my opinion. Here is a video below:

I also trekked back to the NOW Ensemble’s site simply to finish listening to the pieces available on their audio player. Quite a few nice pieces there. It really thrills me to see ensembles/collectives who are dedicated to the works of new composers, so of course I had to continue to check them out. All of these pieces were written for their ensemble, apparently. Here are the pieces available in the audio player, all of which I enjoyed:

  • Folk Music, by Judd Greenstein (which I mentioned last week)
  • Hypno-germ, by Patrick Burke
  • Hanging There, by Mark Dancigers
  • All Together NOW, by Patrick Burke
  • How About Now, by Nico Muhly
  • Cloudbank, by Mark Dancigers
  • Sing Along, by Judd Greenstein (also mentioned last week)

And lastly, here is a pick from Q2:

  • Violin Concerto No. 1, ” On the Nature of Love,” by Robert Kyr

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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