Updates: Practice, Studies, and Composition–September 7, 2011

I’ve finally got a hold of the scores Lollapalooza by John Adams as well as A Boy and a Girl by Eric Whitacre–yay. I’m looking forward to studying those as soon as I find the time to do so. In the Composition Studio, we’ll also be studying Vox Balaenae by George Crumb, so with those three pieces alone I’ve got a pretty interesting handful of really great music.

As far as practicing my viola goes, I’m currently working on the Viola Alone suite by Raul Kottler. I’d like to get in touch with him soon–it would be great to collaborate with him on the performance, even if it’s only possible on the internet. As I said before, ideally, I’d like to perform it with the New Music Ensemble at U of R this semester. I am also continuing to work on Bach’s Viola Concerto in Eb Major (BWV 1053), a reconstructed piece for viola and orchestra. So far I’ve only worked on the first movement. I’m not sure if I will move on to the other two, but I shall see. Also, I am going to participate in a string quartet this semester that will do a masterclass with the Hugo Wolf Quartet and Aiana String Quartet this fall. We will study and perform Mozart’s String Quartet No. 4.

Lastly, I am trying to sort out what piece I will write for the composition recital. I’m in an odd bind of having a lot of ideas for pieces, but not following through with progressing substantially on them, so unfortunately, nothing is close to finished as I had wanted it to be at this time. However, I do plan to realize of all the various pieces I have conceptualized so far–I just need to get on it.

Overall, I’m quite excited for the semester ahead. It’ll surely be a busy one though.

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