Dynamic Duos, Part IV: Nuttin’ But Stringz

Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Late again! Sheesh. I’ve been slipping little by little on this miniseries; I had originally planned it to be a Tuesday post. The start of school has been quite hectic because there’s been so much to do so early on, but I still have faith that it will be an awesome semester. Anyways….

This week’s feature is Nuttin’ But Stringz, which is another alternative style duo made up of brothers Damien and Tourie Escobar. Like Charly and Margaux, they too have pretty incredible violin chops since they were also classically trained (at Julliard, to be specific). Since their debut album, Struggle from the Subway to the Charts, they have gained notoriety for their charismatic performances, playing their original classical/hip-hop/r&b music at events such as the unveiling of the Boeing 747-8 this past February as well as performing for the Bush administration in 2007. They also placed third during the third season of America’s Got Talent.

I don’t remember how I originally across them because it’s been several years, but I do remember buying their CD at local Wal-Mart in high school.

Here are a couple of videos below:

For now, Part IV concludes the “Dynamic Duos” miniseries. Of course, I do plan to continue to post my discoveries, especially in the weekly “Cool Stuff I’m Listening To” posts, which are typically on Saturdays.

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