Getting back on board

Oh gosh. It’s been almost three weeks since my last post. Epic fail. That was totally not my goal.

The great news is that I have had a lot of subject matter that I wanted to write about. The bad news: not enough time. Hopefully I can backtrack a bit on at least a few of my musings. Unfortunately, I’m considering changing the “Cool Stuff I’m Listening To” feature to a biweekly post due to time constraints. Ideally, I’ll use the extra time to post more about what I’m working on instead, which I feel is a higher priority for this blog at the moment.

School work in general has been keeping me quite busy. However, my top priority for the next few days is working on a string quartet piece since the Hugo Wolf Quartet will be visiting the university next week to do masterclasses. They are reading and recording student compositions next Wednesday evening, and I’m quite thrilled. In addition to that, my quartet has been rehearsing Mozart’s String Quartet No. 4, K. 157  in order to perform it for them during the masterclass earlier that day.

I will definitely post about the masterclasses and the advice we receive–that is a must. I promise. 🙂

What do you think?

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