Just two more days…

…until the masterclass and readings! It’s such a relief to have my composition ready for Wednesday. I finished writing and doing major editing to the quartet piece yesterday, and I made a few minor fixes today after meeting with Dr. Suter. Just thinking of the warm paper sliding out of the mouth of the printer makes me smile….

Tomorrow I will be in my last two rehearsals for my quartet group: one in the morning with Jeanne Skrocki, our coach, and another in the evening to rehearse on our own. Due to time constraints, we are only performing the first movement of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 4, K. 157 for the masterclass with the Hugo Wolf Quartet this Wednesday, but we will continue to prepare the entirety of the piece for the chamber music concert as well as the masterclass with the Aiana String Quartet later this semester.

The Hugo Wolf Quartet will read and record the Composition Studio’s works later in the evening. Only a handful of the composers are participating, but I’m still eager to  see their work.

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