Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: November 20, 2011

This week’s edition features selections from a few recent concerts and recitals at U of R:

  • Et la bête, by Natalie Moller, for solo violin
  • Verisimilitude, by Natalie Moller, for 2 sopranos, flute, clarinet, flugelhorn, horn, violin, contrabass
  • Clytemnestra and Agamemnon Take a Dirigible to the Adirondacks, by Blake Van Vliet, for percussion ensemble
  • Samba Classico, by Anthony J. Cirone, for percussion ensemble
  • Junto al Generalife, by Joaquin Rodrigo, for guitar
  • Diferencias Diferentes, by Dusan Bogdanovic, for guitar
  • Madroños, by Frederico Moreno Torroba, for guitar


The next post for this series will be on December 10th–I’m aiming for the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What do you think?

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