Cool Stuff I’m Listening To: January 2, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Lately, I’ve been listening to the 22 quartets that I got from the library in efforts to narrow them down. The first stage of this project is going a lot quicker than I expected–there are only 6 more quartets left for me to listen to, and half of those don’t appear to have recordings on Naxos or YouTube. (I may have to try WorldCat or something in attempts to get them through InterLibrary Loan, but it seems that the chances are quite slim, unfortunately.) Apparently, one of the composers, Alexandra Pierce, is a professor emerita at the University of Redlands, and I had absolutely no clue! However, her quartet is in the group of pieces with hard-to-find recordings.

In addition to this, I’ve been listening to plenty of great (and sometimes free!) music provided by Q2, and I’ve come across the album Beautiful Mechanical from the ensemble yMusic, which includes violist and Q2 host Nadia Sirota, who I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. Here is the track listing, which is awesome in its entirety–I would love to see them in concert!

  • Beautiful Mechanical, by Son Lux
  • Proven Badlands, by Annie Clark (That cello line is soooooooooooo infectious!!!!!!! I can’t keep this off of repeat lol. It is also a free download here.)
  • A Whistle, A Tune, A Macaroon, by Shara Worden
  • Daughter of the Waves, by Sarah Kirkland Snider
  • A Paper, A Pen, A Note to A Friend, by Shara Worden
  • Clearing, Dawn, Dance, by Judd Greenstein
  • Song, by Gabriel Kahane
  • Skin and Bones, by Shara Worden (Actually, this is a single and not part of the aforementioned album. It is also free here.)

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