I may have been in the slow lane lately, but I’m still on the freeway!

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William Bolcom and Joan Morris signed my cast!!! It was discarded about a week later in surgery though. 😦

I’m sure that by now, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted in almost a month in spite of promising a few special features (a new miniseries, the Loewe Symposium with William Bolcom and Joan Morris), so if you have been wondering if something has gone terribly wrong: it has! But life is still awesome at the same time, more so than not. I managed to fracture my ankle in an ice skating accident the weekend before the Loewe symposium–probably the busiest week of the music department other than opera week and the Feast of Lights, which come close in second and third place, respectively. (Singers have a much different opinion I’m sure, but we can all agree that things get pretty hectic around U of R.) In the meantime, I’ve not only been hopping around from class to class, but I’ve also been hauling my instruments back and forth to performances, rehearsals, and lessons. At least I’ll have mad biceps for the opera. Trying to stay awake while keeping my leg propped in bed and being on meds is also not very conducive to homework, composing, or practicing, but I’ve been overcoming it little by little, and I’m done with the meds for the most part.

Hence, it’s pretty obvious that the blog has had to come as a next-to-last priority lately. I still plan to post on my experiences from the symposium pretty soon, and I will continue the new Ear Candy miniseries, although that will most likely be postponed for the next few weeks while I try to catch up with life. I hadn’t broken any bones before this year, but interestingly enough, this season still feels just like any other March/April at this point in the school year: exciting, but crazy.

2 thoughts on “I may have been in the slow lane lately, but I’m still on the freeway!

  1. Ouch! Get better soon! I broke my left hand pinky right before my junior year and so I understand how it’s hard to keep up with the pace of music school while being injured. You’ll get back up to speed!


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