Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love

Tom Basson’s post last week based on the Harvard Business Review’s article, “Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love” hit home for me as an aspiring professional musician and composer. When I initially enrolled in college, my dream was to become a film/t.v. composer out of the rationale that I could do what I love and still make a decent amount of money. However, within year and a half or so, I realized that not only was that a logical fallacy (since the economy has hit the film/t.v industry too, and it sometimes seems like everyone wants to do film music), commercial music wasn’t exactly my passion. Instead, concert music is where I have decided to place my focus. Part of this realization occurred after I recognized the irony of telling people I wanted to be a film composer, yet I lacked a true desire to study film–I’d much rather be listening to Q2 or going to a concert than spending the same amount of time watching most movies or anything on television (especially cable).

What do you think?

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