I’m one today!!!

“Flat Cake” courtesy of the Open Clip Art Library (http://openclipart.org). Drawn by Jean Victor Balin, 2008. (Yes, I know the cake has three candles. But *I* think it is cute.)

…on the web at least. Today has marked one year since I have officially made my debut on the web. Keeping a blog has proved to be a valuable journal and accountability tool that has challenged me to take more initiative over my learning as a budding artist.

I am proud of myself for devoting more time to listening to new music, as well as taking the time to do more independent study, even though I still see quite a bit room to improve in that area. Increasing my activities behind the scenes will ultimately give me more content to talk about, and will be a solution to one of my weaknesses–inconsistency in internet activity–especially during the school year, when I am always busy, but have tons of trouble taking time out of my obligations for myself.

I am pleased to announce that there will be a “Meet the Studio” series beginning in a few weeks. It will feature profiles from the many composers at the University of Redlands. But for now, here are some of the highlights from the past twelve months:

Top three posts, beginning with the most popular:

Top “Cool Stuff…” post:

My first miniseries:

A big thank you to all of my readers!!!! I am excited for what the next year will bring, and I am looking forward to stepping it up a notch. 😉


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