Meet the Studio: Emily Praetorius

“Meet the Studio” is a bi-weekly mini-series that will feature a composer from the University of Redlands Composition Studio on Thursdays. The spotlight on the Studio will include students, visitors, and alumni in the Composition Studio from my freshman year onwards.

Emily Praetorius is a recent graduate from the University of Redlands Composition Studio. Now that she has earned her bachelor’s in Composition and Clarinet Performance, she will begin her master’s in Composition at the Manhattan School this fall.

How did you become interested in studying music?

 I became interested in music at an early age because my mom is a piano teacher/freelance musician.  I guess she just encouraged it starting with piano, then moving to clarinet, and then composition just came about naturally in high school.

When around the music department, what music would you be embarrassed to admit that you like?

I don’t think people should ever be embarrassed of what they listen to.  Sure I like to joke around or heatedly discuss likes or dislikes and good or bad music, but ultimately you should always stand up for your own opinions, particularly with something as subjective as music.  I realize the world of music is an extremely judgmental one, especially the higher up you get in the academic world, but ultimately different music means different things to different people, and that is always something to keep in mind.  That being said, I’ll get off my soap box and say I love to listen to “Fly” by Nicki Minaj.”  It’s fun stuff.  

What is the wackiest inspiration for any of the pieces you have written or will soon write?

Once I was inspired to write a symphony.  That was pretty wacky…..and thankfully never happened.

Describe your worst case of writer’s block so far.

Worst case of writer’s block is happening over summer right now.  It feels more like writer’s anxiety though.  Not too fun.

Feel free to check out more about Emily’s work at

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