Meet the Studio: Anna E. Garman

Anna E. Garman joined the University of Redlands Composition Studio for the spring semester after earning her BM in Composition from the University of North Texas in December 2011. This fall, she will pursue her master’s degree at the University of Louisville.

How did you become interested in studying music?

I actually had no interest in music at all before unwillingly taking band in middle school. After starting on saxophone I showed an aptitude for music, so my director switched me to bassoon. From there I started taking private lessons, and my teacher introduced me to composition because I was bored with the music we played in band. Jumping to high school, my director found out I was interested in composition and offered me an opportunity to write a band piece, and that was the nail in the coffin. I was sure I wanted to study composition, so I kept writing in my spare time and applied to music schools for college.

How do you plan to use your music education?

I have discovered that not only do I have a love for writing music, I also love to teach it. Ideally I would like to a professor, teaching composition and theory and writing when I can. Because I take a long time to conceive and flesh out pieces anyway, I think the relatively limited time professors have to compose wouldn’t hinder my output. 

When around the music department, what music would you be embarrassed to admit that you like?

I can find good in pretty much every genre of music, so I could name pretty much anything here. I think I’d be most embarrassed to admit I like rap, though I only listen to Christian rap because of the message in the secular genre.

Describe your worst case of writer’s block so far.

I was commissioned once by a flute choir to write a piece for them. I got all of two measures into the piece before it basically collapsed on me. I felt very constricted because I’m not a huge fan of the flute and there weren’t a lot of options to play with range and timbre, which is something I love to do. I left the piece alone for a while, and luckily for me the flute choir broke up and the commission fell through.

Feel free to check out more about Anna’s work at

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