This just isn’t working.

For the past couple of weeks, I have made a habit of burning the candle at both ends in attempts to get work done, yet becoming less and less efficient. I’ve mainly been catching up on reading novels for my Spanish class and composing a horn piece for this Friday’s composition recital.

The other night, I felt sleepy from having stayed up late the night prior, but I insisted on getting work done–at least a couple more hours worth. So I sat in the living room while my roommate went to bed early, a bit before ten, attempting read a few more chapters, but nodding off every few paragraphs or so. A little before one, my other roommate, the night owl, woke me up, suggesting that I should go to bed. Such a flashback! I couldn’t help but think of my poor sleeping and studying habits back in the last couple of years of high school, when my I.B. classes were driving me to the edge. (Don’t get me wrong, I loved my classes, but I just couldn’t seem to get the whole time management thing down, not to mention being masochistic enough to add theater and other gigs and activities on top of that.) My mom used to come in the bedroom and turn off my lamp as I was dozing off reading about Hitler or other various things. Then I would fuss about it and insist that I was still awake, only to grudgingly get up and turn the lamp back on as my mom walked away, ignoring my rediculosity. (Yes, I’m making up words–but I say it all the time, and I like the sound of it.)

I’ve finally realized that the reason why I’ve been suffering through my homework so much is that I’m too tired to be competent in the first place, making me spend hours more than I should on normal assignments. Yes, I’ve heard the same advice a bagillion times before, but now I’m falling on my butt enough these days to actually try it. Therefore, I’ve made my roomate (the morning person) my new sleep accountability partner. And you know what–last night’s sleep felt great. I got eight hours for once–on a weekday!

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