Cast Your Vote Today in PAH FEST: Alma Mater 2013!

Used with permission.

Over this past week, the University of Redlands Composition Studio has collaborated with students from the San Francisco Art Institute in order to create films for Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH), a film festival. Christopher Coppola, a University of Redlands alum, visited us on the Saturday the 21st to introduce us to his students via Skype and give all of us the guidelines for the One Shot Challenge, Tone Poems, and Filmmaker’s Challenge. Awards will be given to films based upon results of online voting today.

The One Shot Challenge prompts participants to shoot a sixty-second unedited video on their mobile phones that corresponds to the theme “Sky High.”

The Tone Poem is a film produced in reverse: the composer completes a two-minute piece relating to the theme “Scratching the Surface” and then gives  it to a filmmaker to produce a video based upon it. Check out my piece “Silken Brass,” which is featured in “Scruffing Feathers,” a film made by Fernando Cerda. Like Coppola, he is also a University of Redlands alum.

In the Filmmaker’s Challenge, composers work with film teams who are given a demanding set of guidelines in which to produce a five-minute film in a week’s time-frame. The theme for this challenge is “Not of This World.” Take a look at “Candy,” a film directed by Ash Chen, a student from the San Francisco Art Institute.  It also features my original compositions for various combinations of piano, violin, viola, and voice.

And remember, cast your vote today! Online polls will be open from 9 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time.

What do you think?

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