Thanks guys!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

I would like to give a big “Thank you!” to all of those who voted in PAH FEST yesterday, and all of those who have given me their support in general. As a result of your support, Fernando Cerda have won the Tone Poem category for our film “Scruffing Feathers” along with Cheyne Forgerson, a graduate composer from U of R, and Alex Penate, a student from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Last night at the PAH FEST awards, Christopher Coppola told us (via Skype) that the site had over 300,000 hits for this festival. I can’t even imagine  the size of that audience, but I find that entirely thrilling!

If you haven’t already, go to to watch these winning videos as well as the many other ones by clicking on the link for “PAH FEST: Alma Mater 2013.” There’s quite a bit of talent at these two schools! I was highly entertained after having a PAH FEST movie marathon at home yesterday.

Thanks, thanks, thanks again! Be on the lookout for “PAH FEST: California” coming this November, which will be on an even larger scale.


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