Cast Your Vote Today in PAH FEST: California 2013!

PAH California Poster 2013The University of Redlands Composition Studio was up for round two of PAH FEST this week, yet on a much larger scale. This time, several schools throughout California partook in creating films that demonstrate the beauty and gifts of our Golden State.

In addition, several teams from out-of-state traveled here to participate in the competition. Over the past few days, I have collaborated with Nancy Boyd, Chelsea Jenkins, Katy Rand, and Tasha McHenry from Madonna University in Michigan to create a film the Mobiflicks competition of PAH FEST. In this category, we have been challenged to illustrate the various mutual gifts that California has shared with Detroit.

Visit the site today to watch the videos and vote! Screenings will also take place this Saturday in Hollywood and San Francisco at the addresses displayed on the PAH FEST website.

Thanks for your support guys! Polls will be open after 12 p.m.

What do you think?

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