El príncipe sombrío y los recuerdos de su niñez (2011)

El príncipe sombrío - Image_0002.pngInstrumentation: unaccompanied viola

Duration: ca. 5:00

This piece was premiered by Sakari Dixon on November 17, 2011 in Redlands, CA.

Click here for a perusal score. Purchase a copy here.

Program Notes: 

“El príncipe sombrío y los recuerdos de su niñez” is a short tale of an imaginary prince. Though he now embodies the corruption of the aristocracy in his state, the music delves into his past to discover his ironically humble upbringings as a child of a family in the countryside.

When we step back out of the past and into the present, we realize that though his intentions were to rescue his people from past forms of oppression, ultimately, his desire for vengeance hardened his heart, continuing the political cycle of his past.