hustle (2019)

hustle thumbnail

Instrumentation: piccolo, B-flat clarinet, alto saxophone

Duration: 3:40

Click here to view a perusal score. Purchase the score and parts here.

Program notes:

“hustle” leads me to imagine the panorama of a city that never rests. At dawn, when I would much rather my ideal scenario of waking up to the sound of birds calling, the glimmer of the first rays of sun peeking out over the horizon, the sparkle of dew drops on wildflowers, and the sweet aroma of a fresh cup of tea (I’m not much of a coffee drinker, though I enjoy the smell), many people, including myself, are already commencing the daily grind. After a restless night of shallow sleep due to the din of traffic, busybodies, and incessant thoughts, we wake up in haste, go to work, travel home in haste, and continue the cycle over again.  In essence, we continuously hustle to hustle.

This piece was commissioned by the PHAZE Ensemble.

Click on the video below to view a performance of hustle by the LCD Woodwind Trio at the UTM Civil Rights Conference on February 27th, 2022.